Early Mobility

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ONLY 8 WEEKS AWAY! Practical Focus Solutions for Early Mobility! Hands-ON with equipment solutions!


Feasibility and Effectiveness of Emerging Technologies in the ICU: Part III with Dr Dale Needham.


With teamwork and the will to change, no barrier is too great to overcome. Dr. Dale Needham highlights helpful strategies from a recent publication….


The Time is NOW! An Interview with DR DALE NEEDHAM, an International Thought Leader on Early Mobility. Every day mobility is delayed has potential long term effects….


CHRISTIANE PERME – A Leading Physical Therapist in Early Mobility. The most important skill for a physical therapist practicing in ICU is to recognize when to initiate, delay, progress, and terminate treatment in patients with….

Use the evidence and research to drive awareness and excitement for your EM program. Engage all levels of the organization. We recommend you determine YOUR costs and incidence rates. Measure your progress by taking baseline information before you start your EM program, then track progress and celebrate YOUR successes!