EarlyMobility.com was developed with the goal of “one-stop shopping” for busy clinicians. The team at EarlyMobility.com recognizes that when clinicians are busy treating patients, accessing all the data, integrating it into their systems and developing the tools to change the culture in the ICU can be challenging.

The content and flow of the site was developed by Early Mobility and Safe Patient Handling consultant, Margaret Arnold, PT, Ergonomics Evaluation Specialist, and Certified Safe Patient Handling Professional.

The funding for the site is supported by Vitalgo, who are a company that embraces the responsibility that vendors have in not only bringing tools to the market that can provide clinical solutions, but also to recognize that not all support needs are equipment, and that sometimes the clinical solution is a product other than the one(s) they have to offer, or is a process or educational solution. This clinical resource is an example of what can be accomplished when clinicians and content experts, recognize the important contribution that vendors provide in the tools to help us provide our patients the best evidence-based care. And when vendors recognize that not every solution is an equipment solution, and are prepared to invest in educational support resources to complement the equipment solutions.