• When I was admitted to the hospital in January, I was in bed for a full week. When the therapists went to get me up, I was very weak, and I did not …show more

    have confidence. I could not even stand up.  I was afraid of falling. Today, I walked almost 100 feet, and I am able to transfer easily to the chair and to the toilet. I am very pleased with my progress, and I believe that it is a result of the great care provided by my therapists and care team, and the standing bed. Together, they gave me what I needed to overcome my weakness and get going again show less

    DAVE NETANE, patient at Memorial Regional Hospital
  • Standing with assistance of a sit to stand device
    Mobilization at any point is important to the well-being of a person and especially a person sick and in a hospital.  Early mobilization is vital to …show more

    quickly regaining a person’s loss of overall function and is a great confidence booster.  If a person begins to mobilize early and performs these activities consistently then they will increase their function and safety awareness in an exponential manner and reverse the deleterious effect of prolonged immobilization.  Nothing is better than getting vertical, mobilizing multiple times each day, and remaining out of bed for as long as possible regardless of the illness or diagnosis.  We are bodies of motion and are designed to move. show less